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Commissions Status = 4 Slots Open

Before you follow!

My account is MY safe space, I do not tolerate anything that makes me uncomfortable. I'm usually very kind about it as I can understand some mistakes but others are not, like I said, my own comfort comes first.
My most of my OCs are kids, therefore, I'm VERY picky on the interactions I have on my audience.
Keep everything SFW

If you respect all my boundaries, you're more than welcome to stay.


* Pedos/MAPS !!
* ΞΆ / Zoophiles !!
* NSFW Accounts
* If you interact HEAVILY with NSFW accounts (If your feed is 80% nsfw do not interact)
* If you make NSFW jokes about my kids OCs
* Homophobes
* Transphobes!!
* If you defend CP fictional or not
* If you're bigoted in ANY way
* Ableist
* Think abuse its a victims fault
If you're any of the above and interact, you will be BLOCK.

If I ever do or interact with something problematic/bigoted please do tell me in private, I'm mostly offline and I will do anything in my power to correct myself in the time I can. I'm always trying to improve myself and I appreciated if you can let me know


All prices are Base Prices.
Any extra complicated design will be discussed

Portrait / Icon

Comic Style: 12$
Painting Style: 20$

Half Body

Comic Style: 18$
Painting Style: 25$

Full Body

Comic Style: 21$
Painting Style: 30$

Emergency Commission

All sizes.
Flat Colors: 10$
Full Render: 12$